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How do I change my password ?


Your password protects your personal accounts and prevents hackers from accessing your confidential information. Always choose a secure password and make every effort to ensure its confidentiality. How do I create a secure password? - Avoid passwords that are too easy to decipher (date of birth, first name, combinations in sequence...) - Your password must contain at least 8 characters; it is recommended to use upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters - Use a password specific to Netbanking - Do not share your password with anyone - Change your password regularly.

Go to the Settings menu in your Netbanking (top right of the page). 
Click "Modify" next to "Current Netbanking Password". 
Input your current password, then the new password, and repeat it once. 

Note: Your password must contain: 
 - between 8 and 24 characters
 - at least one letter and one number

The € symbol is not accepted.