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What is Crontosign Swiss ?


Always check the data displayed on your Cronto device. When connecting to your Online solutions: the message must include the date of your last login and a confirmation code. When validating a payment: check that the data displayed is consistent with your payment data before validating. If certain elements do not match - Do not enter the code displayed by your device - Contact BCGE Online Banking immediately on 058 211 21 00

CrontoSign is a modern and efficient authentication tool, for the security of your connection and for the validation of your operations on Netbanking.
CrontoSign allows you to scan a mosaic, from the camera of your smartphone or via an optical reader. This instantly generates a code which, once input in Netbanking, validates the authentication to Netbanking or the unusual payment.

The 2 CrontoSign Swiss devices:



The advantages of CrontoSign Swiss:

  • The systematic validation of new payments and the verification of payment data ensure that your transactions are more secure.
  • The application works without an internet connection or a telephone connection. CrontoSign Swiss can be used simply anywhere in the world.
  • Can be used on several smartphones and Netbanking contracts.
  • No limitation of use (no renewal).
  • It is possible to use a smartphone (CrontoSign Swiss application) or an optical reader.