Parameters & documents

How to change the way I send my documents ?

With e-documents, you no longer receive your advices and account statements by mail, but in electronic PDF format.

For each new document received, an alert icon appears next to the "E-Documents" menu. Click on the icon to view it.

To request that your documents be sent in postal or electronic format:

1- Click on the "E-Documents" menu in the header of your Netbanking

2- Click on the "Settings" tab

3- Select the desired sending method for each account

4- If you wish to receive your documents in electronic format, tick the box to accept the terms of the contract relating to e-documents.

5- Click on "Save configurations".

Note: Your documents are available for 18 months. After this period, you must go to one of our branches to obtain the required documents or contact the Bank online at 058 211 21 00.