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How do I use the payment wizard ?


The payment wizard is a tool that allows you to make your payments simply and quickly.

The search engine helps you when inputting a previously made payment and saves the new data for future input:
- account number 
- surname or first name
- the type of payment 
All you have to do now is complete the missing elements!

How do I input a payment? 
1- Input the account number or IBAN, the name or first name of the beneficiary or the type of payment.
2- As you complete it, the wizard offers you a selection of beneficiaries already used. Select the one corresponding to your requirement. 
3- An input window opens; the beneficiary fields are already pre-completed. Complete the empty fields and check the information input.    
Note : If the wizard does not give you the required choice, input the required payment type.
4- Click on "make the payment"