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How do I make a payment using a QR-bill ?


From "Global view" on the homepage, in the "Make a payment" section, select the payment type "Swiss bank payment, QR-Bill". 

Follow the next steps :

  1. Enter the beneficiary's account number (IBAN or QR IBAN)
  2. For QR-bills with a reference number (QRR or SCOR): enter the reference number
  3. Fill in the details of the payment beneficiary
  4. Specifiy the amount and the currency
  5. Specify the account to be debited, the type of advice and the desired execution date
  6. Click on "Make payment"

Note: If it is a new beneficiary, you will need to confirm the payment using your CrontoSign Swiss device.

The payments input will be displayed below the section "make a payment".